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VinylCutting / VinylRecording Service

Welcome at!

One-off production of Vinyl records in all formats and sizes, black or transparent.
!!NEW!! - also pressing of small and mass production starting from 50 pieces.

o unique pieces/promos/specimen/whitelabels
o records for jukebox
o small production
o LP, EP
o Locked Groove Plates/ loops / scratchtools

You simply deliver a CD or audio file to us and we´ll cut your tracks directly onto real vinyl plates ! Contrary to acetate plates (Dubplates) these plates are absolutely comparable to the sound quality and durability of a pressed Vinyl.
By deeper cuts the plates are even better suitable for scratching than pressed Vinyl and have a clearly pressing fuller sound!
Attention, we will never ever use any Vestax-„cutter“

We guarantee:
o best quality
(deep bass – highest highs – maximum volume)
o maximum pressure
o unbeatable in price
(Vinyl cutting from 23,- Euro)
o fast shipping
(after telephone arrangement also 24h-Service)

Unfortunately this side is not yet complete in english, but you can download the following informations and orderform:

General Terms of Trade

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